MCT Multiple Choice Test

Description of the test
The Multiple Choice Test (“MCT”) consists of 180 multiple-choice questions.

The questions test Part A of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Day One Outcomes and the 180 questions are divided roughly equally between the content covered by those Part A Outcomes. Detailed subject matter outlines are provided by the Indicative Content of these Part A Day One Outcomes.

Each of the questions on the test is followed by 5 possible answers. Candidates should choose the best answer from the stated alternatives. Each question is designed to be answered by applying fundamental legal principles to the given fact patterns. Candidates should mark only 1 answer for each question. Multiple answers will not be counted. Marks are based on the number of questions answered correctly.

Organisation and Timing of the MCT
The assessment is divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes each, with 90 questions in each session.

A break of 45 minutes is provided between the sessions during which time candidates may leave the test centre. Candidates must return on time – latecomers will not be admitted to session 2.

Please note that the MCT is a computer based assessment and if there are technical difficulties or other reasons why candidates cannot sit, such as adverse weather conditions, candidates may be recalled. For technical reasons it is not possible to recall candidates in the first few days after an assessment. Any recalls will however be arranged as soon as possible thereafter. Every effort will be made for any recall to be scheduled at a time and place that is convenient to the candidate but this cannot be guaranteed.

Marking of the test
Each correct response receives a mark. Multiple answers are not counted. No marks are deducted for incorrect responses. The mark for the 2 parts of the MCT is aggregated to derive the overall mark.

Passing the test
In order to pass the MCT candidates must obtain the overall pass mark for the MCT. In setting the pass mark the Assessment Board is advised by a “Standard Setting Panel” convened by the SRA. For further details see the Marking and Moderation Policy.

Permitted Materials
There are no permitted materials for this assessment. Candidates are supplied with an erasable board and a marker. A calculator is provided on screen.

Please note that candidates are not allowed to remove any materials from the test centre.

Fit to Sit
A “Fit to Sit” Policy is in operation for all QLTS assessments. Essentially by attending an assessment a candidate certifies him – or herself as being fit to sit it. Candidates are required to acknowledge this at the beginning of each session of the MCT. Full details of the Fit to Sit Policy are in the Assessment Regulations.

Provision is made for candidates with exemptions. Please refer to the SRA website for further details regarding exemptions.

Applicable law
Unless otherwise stated in advance candidates are assessed on the law in force at the time of the assessment.