Brass Door Handles

If you’re looking for a traditional door handle that will add a touch of class to your home, consider Brass Door Handles. These door hardware items dated back to the 1800s and were one of the first finishes produced when modernisation began. These handles are available in various styles, sizes and finishes and will give your home a classic feel. There are several reasons to install Brass Door Handles, including their age-old appeal.

brass door handlesUnlacquered brass door handles

If you want a door handle that’s classic and timeless, look no further than unlacquered brass. This metal is unsealed, so fingerprints and smudges will show, and the brass will darken over time. Though unlacquered brass is suitable for any room, it’s most popular in the bathroom and kitchen. The natural patina on unlacquered brass is one of the most desirable characteristics of this material.

These door knobs aren’t the only things I love about our home. We have several vintage pieces, including a vintage Robin Day sofa and chairs. We’ve lived here for almost twenty years, and they’re a perfect match for our eclectic mix of washed linen, jute rugs poured concrete flooring and brass-tipped bulb wall lights. Unlacquered brass door handles are like a piece of jewellery for the windows. The interior designer adores the artwork and frames on the walls.

When COVID-19 is on the rise, avoiding germs is essential. Luckily, brass door handles have natural antimicrobial properties. As a result, it is effective against certain viruses, including human coronavirus, influenza A, and MRSA. In addition, while bacteria can survive minutes on stainless steel, copper kills 99% of germs on contact. For more information, check this out.

Lever on rose door handles

The rose brass door handles lever features a flush finish and concealed fixings. This style matches the modern interior decor. These handles work with most types of interior doors. They are also compatible with combination locks and thumb turns. To use these handles, you need to install a mortice sash lock. Installation of the lever on rose door handles is a simple process. Read on to learn more about these brass door handles.

Before you purchase a rose door handle, consider its diameter. Make sure the handle fits perfectly into the existing holes. Also, be sure to check the thickness of the lever, lock or latch. Then, select the lever length that matches the size of the spindle and lock/latch. Rose door handles usually come in a standard UK size of 8mm2. For more information, check this out.

Rose door handles are available in different finishes. Some options include lever on rose door handles, mortice knobs, and lock and latches. Rose door handles are suitable for any internal door and can be combined with latches, thumb-turns, or latches. Choose a rose door handle that is in good condition and has a lustrous finish. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more classic, traditional look for your home, consider choosing a lever on the rose door handle.

Mulberry Cup Handle

The Mulberry Cup Brass Door Handle has elegantly smooth curves available in polished chrome or brushed copper. Based on a classic design, this handcrafted piece is a perfect choice for those who want a traditional look with a modern twist. It fits in perfectly in virtually any home and adds a touch of style to your home. Moreover, it is available in several finishes, including wood, plastic, and nylon.

The polished nickel mulberry cup pull cabinet handle features a warm tone underneath the nickel finish. Unlike polished chrome, this style is not as glitzy or shiny as its counterpart. The cup pulls and knobs can be matched to match any kitchen cupboard. Regardless of the colour of your cabinet door, these handcrafted handles can match the same style of cabinet knob. For more information, check this out.

Polished brass is a beautiful and versatile finish for your brass door hardware. It gives a golden look to your home and adds a sophisticated look to any décor. On the other hand, Brushed brass is a matte finish that doesn’t have the shininess of polished brass. This finish is best for homes with warm or cool decor. But, if you prefer a matte finish, you’ll be happy to purchase a satin brass doorknob.