The Delicacy of De Lorenzo Hair Products

The delicacy of De Lorenzo hair products is undeniable. This brand has everything you need for healthy hair, from its Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo to its Equilibrium Treatment Masque and Defence Extinguish Thermal Spray. Read on to learn more. This article was written with the vegan and animal lover in mind and will answer the most common questions about these products. The first thing you should know about this brand is that it is cruelty-free. De LorenzoNovafusion Colour Care Shampoo

With the Novafusion colour care shampoo, you can keep your blonde hair bright and fresh without worrying about brassy tones. This shampoo contains UV inhibitors and botanical extracts to nourish and care for colour-treated hair. It also contains a lavender rose tea fragrance and is suitable for use with coloured hair. After applying it to wet hair, you can leave it on for as long as 5 minutes before washing.

As a colour-treated shampoo, Novafusion works to add rose gold highlights to blonde hair. It contains botanical extracts and vitamin E to help create these beautiful highlights. You can apply Novafusion to wet hair and massage it in, leaving it in for five minutes or longer for extra intensity. To get the most out of your colour-treated hair, use the Novafusion conditioner after using the shampoo. The results will be even better.

The Novafusion colour-treated shampoos from De Lorenzo are designed to work with hair colour, preventing it from fading. These shampoos are also designed to prevent brassy tones and dull natural hair. They also contain UV inhibitors, which prevent colour from fading. To learn more, visit the official website of Novafusion. This colour-treated shampoo is made with botanical extracts from Australia, South Africa, and India. It is formulated to work in harmony with your colour, providing brilliant shine and colour control for natural and colour-treated hair.

De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque

If you’re tired of your hair’s lifeless, lacklustre shine and unhealthy condition, try De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masques. Using organic rosehip oil, oat peptides, and botanical extracts, the Equilibrium Treatment Masque gives hair a vibrant, bouncy look. This product also contains antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and a heat protectant spray.

The organic ingredients in De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masques are meant to heal and re-nourish damaged hair. The organic rosehip and oat peptides in this formula work to nourish hair from the inside out. The results are shiny, healthy, and soft to touch. It also keeps your tresses in tip-top shape. Here are some tips to make this masque work for you:

Apply the Equilibrium Treatment Masque to hair after washing it. Once applied, cover with a shower cap and leave on for 10 minutes. For best results, use the Masque after every shampooing and conditioning session. It can also be used on colour-treated hair. You should select a colour suited to your skin tone. For example, you can choose a lighter or darker shade to achieve a natural-looking glow.

De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish Thermal Spray

The De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish Thermal spray protects hair from heat damage and split ends while leaving it silky smooth and manageable. This lightweight spray is made without harsh chemicals and has never been tested on animals. Apply the spray to your hair before you straighten it or curl it. The brand is proud to be 100% Australian owned and eco-friendly. Its unique formula contains certified organic Goji Berry and Australian Desert Raisin fruit extracts to prevent damage to your hair during heat styling.

You may have heard of De Lorenzo shampoo, but are you sure about its eco-friendly credentials? Read on to learn more about this brand’s commitment to the environment. It’s not all about promoting green products, though: the De Lorenzo brand is a pioneer in environmental issues. The company’s packaging is made from recycled materials and incorporates the highest percentage of recyclable content. In addition, each bottle bears a logo that indicates how much-recycled material was used to produce it.